Anda Nak Jadi Jutawan Hartanah ?

(Mulakan Langkah Anda Di Sini)

Rumah Lelong – Gombak

Location : Gombak
Time : 10.00am
Date : June, 2009

Satu Solution at work in Gombak after our client won bidding for this property in Court Auction.
Market value is around 200k, won at rm170k. Rumah lelongan Gombak was owned by an indian but he left the house unoccupied due to reasons only known to him.

Location wise is good, amenities good and surrounding also superb. There is also a mamak restaurant which is famous for its teh tarik among Gombakians. “Taqwa”?

Job completed. We gave him our quotation for this house to be “pimp” to his Dream House.

Master Faris is teaching ” How to earn money while drinking “.

Its time to “pimp” this house.

  • osman, kita kan Satu Solution…semua boleh buat (buat muka yakin)…hahaha.
    we have a very strong networking consisting of Lawyers, Bankers, Contractors and etc…

    you name it bro…

  • bro …just nak tanya .rumah yg gombak nie area ape .. lawa lagi nampaknye ….

    berbaloi tu rm170k .. 2 tingkat lagi

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