Anda Nak Jadi Jutawan Hartanah ?

(Mulakan Langkah Anda Di Sini)

ALL Sri Penara units called off

Amazingly, 3 units of Apt Sri Penara in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras which will be up for auction this Saturday (10.10.09) RHB Mega Auction have been called off.

Anybody want to rent my Condo Penara ?

Nea LRT, mosque, schools and the most important is …

near to Satu Solution’s office. (ha!)

CIMB Mega auction, see you guys there!


Today’s work :

1) Went to Mahkamah Shah Alam for a property in Subang (En. N) but after waiting for almost 1 hour, we were told that the unit was called off. I did land search yesterday at 3.15pm,rushing from KL straight to Shah Alam in order to beat 3.30 closing time. Penat seeh.!

2)Went to Pejabat Tanah SUK for a Carian Tanah (to check kaveat) on properties Mr. JoeFizi will enter bidding. Met En. Juruukur….had our own Tehtarik session there….3 hours.

3)Went to TNB, Change name for Enggang in Puchong (Mr. Shamsul) and Angsana in USJ 1 (Mr. Pokli). 2 hours.

4)Straight to CIMB Menara PNB, prepare bank draft for tomorrow’s auction. Lepak at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Ampang Park. Passed back the Bank draft to Mr. N.


Asrul’s Flora Damansara has been rented out Block D. In the picture Machafaris is trying his best to unlock the grill while Abang guarding the pathway. This is the unit :

B-IMAGE_086 (16)B-IMAGE_086 (15)

bank lelong. rumah lelong. auction property.

call me 016.310.6500


  • mm…xde rejeki la ..
    maknanya bank dah semakin excited untuk lelong rumah orang..lewat sikit je terus lelong…

    so owners terus settle bila dapat tau rumah diaorg akan kena lelong…

    Perunding Hartanah Lelong

  • It is not because of bank excited to auction off. Houses which have been call for auction because of owner was not paying the installment for a long time (for eg: 10 months and above). There are several stages of legal action to owner before house can be auction. Finally, if bank still do not receive payment, they will call the house for auction. Bare in mind, when legal action has been taken in your account, all legal fees, summon cost are incurred to your installment in arrears. My experience in banking (housing loan collection centre), some of owners do not want receive call from bank. Because of that, they changed contact number. Bank will chase owner by issuing reminder letter to owner’s address or contact family members. So my advise, do not change contact number. If you cant pay, please go to bank seek for advise then of course you must find solution for your financial problem. Do not ignore and wait until house to be auction. By that time, you are paying much much more that your installment for legal fees and summon. This is how lawyer firm make money.

    So when auction has been called off because of owner/borrower has arrangement with bank:
    1. Owner has pay off all his/her installment in arrears (whereby legal fees and summon has been incurred)
    2. Owner make loan restructuring or loan rescheduling.
    3. AKPK instruction whereby owner has made arrangement with them.

    Just for sharing to house owners here. In our life we can not run away from financial problem. Life goes up and down. We never know what will happen to us in future. So when you encounter this kind of problem, do not ignore. Find a solution.

  • but sometimes bank don’t want to hear any reason & very2 excited to auction off the house. so there is no option for buyer and just can see the properties gone.

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