Anda Nak Jadi Jutawan Hartanah ?

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Selepas LRT, ada pulak MRT

Dipetik daripada suratkhabar The Star, untuk makluman Hartawan Hartanah.

Consultants said to advise Govt on four main aspects including suitability and cost

PETALING JAYA: The feasibility study on the proposed RM36bil mass rapid transit (MRT) system by Gamuda Bhd and MMC Corp Bhd is expected to be presented to the Government in about three months time, said a source familiar with the matter.

It was earlier reported that the Government had appointed two independent consultants – Minconsult Sdn Bhd and Andercon Technologies Ltd – to carry out the study.

The source said the consultants had been given a period of 12 weeks to revert and present their recommendations on the project to the Government.

“They are to review and advise the Government on the MRT proposal in relation to its suitability with policy objectives, strategies on public transport, socio-economic benefits as well as its feasibility and cost,” it said.

It is understood that the consultants have been hired by the Finance Ministry in consultation with the recently-formed Land Public Transport Commission or SPAD.

Minconsult was involved in the bridge maintenance and management system study for phase 1 of the Star LRT project

SPAD is supposed to coordinate, integrate and regulate all public transport systems in the country as well as come up with a masterplan.

Previous reports indicated that the MRT project might start as soon as early next year.

To recap, MMC and Gamuda in a joint venture, had submitted a proposal dubbed the Klang Valley integrated transportation system, which was presented to the Economic Council in February..

The proposed MRT network consists of two radial lines and a circle line, which has similarities with the train networks in most major cities. It is commonly known as a “wheels and spokes” concept.

In total, the MRT network will cover up to 150km of lines, with about a third of them to be built underground.

Although analysts are generally positive about the project, questions remain as to whether the Government can afford such a massive project. It is also left to be seen if the Gamuda-MMC proposed MRT project will be part of SPAD’s public transport masterplan

Minconsult is multi-disciplinary engineering and project management company that offers a wide range of engineering consultancy services in the civil and structural, mechanical, electrical, petrochemical and environmental fields.

The company was involved in bridge maintenance and management system study for KTMB Bhd, Phase 1 of Star LRT system (now Ampang Line) and the feasibility study for the proposed Kota Damansara-Central Business District-Cheras LRT line, according to its website.

Andercon is a Canada-based company specialising in installing, configuring, and administering Oracle database infrastructures.

p/s: LRT yang dikatakan terdapat lanjutan, masih belum lagi diluluskan ? betul ke? Siapa ada info, sila share di sini. Terima kasih.

  • bagus kalau ada mrt mcm singapore. boleh boost up harga property, mengurangkan kesekan jalanraya, meningkatkan kualitu pengangkutan awam dan keselesaan penduduk. tp harapnya coverage tu luas la sikt, jgn la balik2 tempat yg sama je

  • Info from the star jugak; Kl still need more lrt coverage. according to survey, KL baru ada 15km coverage per 1 million citizen, compare to developed countries of 40km per 1 million citizen. Memang banyak lagi la project LRT ..

  • mggu lepas gi site visit LRT extension Kelana Jaya and Puchong, putra height. So sapa2 nak beli umah lelong go for this area.

  • mcmana nak apply spy proposal laluan lrt@mrt ni msuk area shah alam skli? Heran gak asik2 kwsn cheras, tp sesak ttp sesak juga. Pemaju2 prmhn ada byr ke pd cnsultant tu spy bole up value property kt situ..

  • ni sume keje perancang bandar.
    klo dia masukkan dlm master plan dia ade laluan mrt ade r tu.

    tp yg aku nmpk perancang bndr kelulusan luar negara klo keje gomen pon akan tunduk gak dgn keputusan pihak tertinggi.

    patut r diaorg bg idea or reason yg jelas… telus…
    ni bila libatkan kepentingan politik abis lah kepentingan rakyat.
    ni yg beta nk hangin ni. hehe

    tp MRT s’gore best..
    next station… ang mo kio.. hehe

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