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Rumah Lelong Gombak

Date : 15.10.09

Location : Gombak, Taman Samudra

Unit : Double Storey Terraced House

Suroundings :  facing field, nearby Giant,  School, Greenwood, Taman Sri Gombak, Batu Caves

Auction Price : RM 145,000

Deposit : 10%

SOLD : RM 155,000.00 (Gombak Land Office Auction, Selayang)


Front View…..

I was interested in this unit since i grew up in Gombak and Selayang. Wanted to buy for my own dream home. But when my wife and i went tho the unit, it was sooooo scary….fyi, we went there at night…

I still believe this is a good investment…but a more depth research shall be done before the bidding, which i cant since no time left for me (semua untuk klien je).

With a cash of around 20k, you can turn this house around, custom built. Since the last owner has tear apart almost everything…wonder why he left his dream incomplete ?





Dont you also think this is a very very scary house to bid for in Auction ?

Tepuk dada, tanya selera. I myself would bid for this property if i have the cash.not for bling bling.but to overhaulin it.

En. I and Pn. A managed to win the auction even though  there were 6 other bidders….but only 1 of them is genuine. But she came with the intention of buying the property at Reserve Price (RP).

En. I, i will be waiting for your house warming invitation!


auction property in kuala lumpur, call me.

tuanbri @ 016.310.6500

Auction – Land Office/Court-15.10.09

Location :

1) Gombak Land Office,

2) Shah Alam High Court

3) KL High Court

Time : 9.30 am

Permai Jaya

This time our clients are targeting high range properties. Land in Pahang, Bungalow in Gombak and 2 Storey in Subang.

Even though our clients’ budget are quite high, we are yet to confirm winning these properties.

The Outcome (Result) : will be out in the evening…….

Taman Permai Jaya

RP : RM630,000


Tanah, Kemaman

RP : RM130,000

SOLD : RM 450,000

Taman Subang Mewah

RP :  RM169,200

SOLD :  RM 263,200

Ramai yang berhajat untuk buat “flipping”, memusingkan hartanah dalam masa yang singkat….peehh!

High Court Auction – Shah Alam


Date : 07.10.09 & 08.10.09

Location : High Court Shah Alam.

Hari rabu (07.10.09)

aku dah cerita pasal auction untuk property di USJ 6.  Putra78 yang nak masuk bidding rumah ni. Semua bidders nak register. Lepas tu tunggu sampai aku dah terlelap sekejap kat bench. Bila semua auctioneers dah datang ke kaunter dan collect auction files, suddenly Mr. Foong from Ng Chan Mau was looking around for a lawyer.  He was told that one unit was called off. Dah mula kecoh. Ada cina sorang ni mula naik bengang dan scolded the lawyer. “Wasting our time !” . Mr. Foong pun panggil semua bidder untuk collect balik bank draf. So cubaan Putra78 untuk buat flipping kali pertama dah gagal.


Hari khamis (08.10.09)

Aku dah prepare semua docs termasuk bank draf untuk client SatuSolution yang outstation minggu ni. Dia wakilkan semua urusan lelongan kpd SatuSolution. So pagi-pagi lagi aku dah bgn walaupun minggu ni setiap hari aku tidur pukul 3 pagi.(nak bengkok badan aku). Bila tgk luar,langit dah mula gelap. I was praying that rain will not start until i reach Shah Alam. My wish was not granted! Bnyk dosa agaknya. Half way aku naik motor (Cut cost !), hujan dah mula renyai-renyai. Bila dah lebat, aku terpaksa jugak stop kat stesen minyak.


Aku sampai kat Mahkamah dalam pukul 9.25am. Itupun selepas meredah hujan lebat. Berkorban demi Klien. Registration closed at 9.15am. Aku sampai ke kaunter dengan harapan masih lagi boleh mendaftar,sebab the auction will only starts at 930am. The High Court Auction is usually strict on this matter. Lambat few minutes pun diaorg dah x bagi register. Aku berdiri je depan kaunter tu dengan harapan….tiba-tiba ada 1 cina nak register utk shoplot. He was begging the officer to accept his registration.  The officer accepted  his registration but pending approval from the Pegawai Pendaftar. So i quickly jump in and also put in my registration which was initially rejected by the same officer. i argued why that guy can and i cannot ? she reluctantly accept mine.


Tunggu punya tunggu, aku tgh tunggu auctioneer drpd PAH, nak discuss dgn dia psl registration aku. X nampak pun wakil drpd PAH. Rupa2xnya diaorg memang x datang.  PAH dah wakilkan kepada En. Nasir, auctioneer lain. Ne. Nasir sound aku,apsal x bgtau dia, aku nak masuk bidding…Bila check, there is only 1 bidder – Public Bank. So dia kata kalau aku masuk, Public Bank akan tarik diri. wow! boleh dapat RP! ngeh ngeh.

Officer tu datang kat aku ckp registration aku lepas. Yang cina tadi pulak kena reject.

So kena pulak tunggu auction start. Its already 11am. Kena tunggu turn pulak masuk dalam bilik. Hanya bidder sahaja dibenarkan masuk dalam bilik tu.



Aku rasa aku org paling lama lepak dalam bilik tu. Bila masuk, kes disebut, Nampaknya hanya ada satu penawar, Satu Solution sahaja, maka dengan ini hartanah tersebut dijual pada harga reserve, panggilan pertama, kedua dan terjual!


Lepas tu lepak je dalam bilik tu buat x tau. Ada a few  properties yang menarik. Ada  shoptlot, bila masuk ada 5 bidders, tapi 4 orang nak tarik diri bila nama diaorg disebut. Alasan, takut ada Kaveat. Auctioneer pun bengang, sebab dia tau diaorg ni dah kawtim awal-awal kat luar.

Rumah yang menarik perhatian aku ialah Rumah 2 tingkat Shah Alam Seksyen 4. Baca posting aku

Rp     – RM198,000

Sold  – RM230,000

Bila dah sign kontrak, kena pegi LHDN pulak utk matikan stem. Penat aku nak kena pergi Plaza Peransang. Sepatutnya ini kerja auctioneer, tapi sebab dia dah tolong aku tadi, ok je la….Tahniah En. Zul. Dapat  jugak rumah teres kat Klang dengan harga 60k…siapa mau bagi ?

Court Auction Properties….(to be continued…..)

RHB Mega Auction 20 June 2009

Location : Renaissance Hotel
Time : 11.00 am
Date : 20 June 2009

This time around, there was a lot of client who registered with Satu Solution due to a posting in one of our partner’s blog.

To register with us cost nothing. Instead, if you win the bidding, you will get some of the commission we received from the banks. Its a win win situation. Sama sama untung…

Today 44 bidders registered with us. 4 rooms were being used for this auction, 1 rooom for each auctioneer.

Reached there 1030am, already packed with potential buyers for the auction properties. wow! Competition sure hot!

Met my banker from RHB there and passed her documents for one client, loan application.

Penara 4 out of 5 units called off ! Left 1 unit at Ehsan Auctioneer . 13 bidders. won at RM76k. Market Value ?
Pening Kepala. I still think this unit is overvalued. Rugi. Somemore this is a Bumi lot and a low cost. Why you want to buy a unit from auction at Market Price ? Still got a lot of repair work to be done on the unit. Just because it is located at Bandar Tasik Permaisuri.

We managed to win only 1 unit for our client.

Faris signing the contract on behalf.

Life goes on…

Panduan untuk membeli rumah lelong ?

016 310 6500
Satu Solution Corporate Services

Henry Butcher – May 09

Location : Henry Butcher
Time : 1030am
Date : 30-05-09

ay woke around 9.00. Prepared all documents for the auction. 3 properties will be bidded by me.

All letter of authorisation prepared. Copies of buyer’s IC prepared. Everything checked.

Arrived at He
nry Butcher around 10.00am. Thought it was still early. WOW! its already packed with potential buyers. Alamak, nampak gaya banyak competition kali.

Registered all units and lepak with one of our client, Hanif. He will be bid
ding for Lagoon Perdana. He thought it was a Bumi lot since deposit is only 5%. I told him its not. And when the Auctioneer announced the name of the 1st bidder, chinese. 2nd bidder, chinese. and so on…until no 12, Hanif.

Result of the day

Lagoon Perdana = RM89 k, RP = RM62k
Condo Melaka = 86k, RP = RM62k
Condo Gurney Hights = 166k , RM = RM166k
Apt Kajang = RM97k, RP 57k
Apt Sentul = LOST to 102k, RP 67k (Ken)
Apt Kajang = LOST to 108k, RP 88k (Azmi)

There was an issue debated at HB. There was 1 unit in Selayang where the Auctioneer announce there is only 1 bidder and a successful bidder, but before the hammer was knocked, a lawyer representing AMBANK
interfere that her client is also bidding for the unit. apa lagi…kecoh la. All hell break lose….

almost 1/2 hour kecoh….this guy keep saying its unethical for the bank to suddenly interfering in the auction. Could be to increase the selling price….who knows?

Anybody interested in purchasing auction properties ?
i can be contacted at
016 310 6500
Satu Solution Corporate Services